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Wed, Oct 3, 10:00-11:30 am PDT

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Team Elements™ is an innovative new approach that equips teams and leaders with the tools (including an app), data, and pragmatic approaches to build their capability to integrate team effectiveness conversations and improvements into their everyday work. Through data-driven insights and skillful facilitation, teams build real-time profiles of their strengths and weaknesses, surface the insights that reveal contextual complexities unique to their team, and then together as a team identify the elements they need to focus on and the targeted actions they will need to take to improve. By treating team effectiveness as a journey, not a destination, Team Elements helps team continuously assess and adapt in response to the changing demands they face.

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Why? Teams matter – a lot. Teams are where people make sense of and respond to the challenges they face in work life. They are where people create community and metabolize change. They are crucibles of trust and conflict, grounded by purpose and fed by aspirations of how great things could be. They are where identity is found and meaning is made. They are vibrant ecosystems where value is created and organizational goals are brought to life.


You play an important role in helping connect teams and their leaders to the support they need and deserve to meet today’s organizational challenges!

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